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Our dental clinic is ideally located at 1127 Avenue Laurier Ouest, between Avenue Querbes and Avenue de l'Épée, a few steps from the Saint-Viateur church. Located in the heart of Outremont, we are also very close to surrounding neighborhoods such as Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile End, as well as downtown Montreal. Our location is right next to "Au Pain Doré" bakery. For patients driving, there are paid parking options along Laurier Avenue West, as well as spaces with 1 and 2 permits on perpendicular streets. For patients without permits, adjacent streets offer free parking for 2 hours, but it is essential to check the signage.

If you prefer public transportation, our clinic is strategically positioned in front of bus stop 151. This bus line is accessible directly in front of the Laurier metro station (orange line), which is the closest metro to the clinic and also the Outremont station (blue line). We are easily accessible to meet your dental care needs in Outremont, Montreal.

During your first appointment at our dental clinic, you will undergo a comprehensive examination and thorough dental cleaning. This initial consultation, lasting approximately two hours, is crucial for establishing appropriate initial care and ensuring quality oral health follow-up.

During this appointment, we will perform a large panoramic X-ray to assess the condition of all your teeth and surrounding bone structures. We will also create an odontogram, numerous small interproximal and periapical X-rays, as well as intraoral photos for an accurate diagnosis. Our clinical examination will cover the condition of your teeth, mucous membranes, soft tissues, periodontium (gums), temporomandibular joint, and potentially existing prosthetics, including screening for oral cancers.

Following this evaluation, a comprehensive dental cleaning (scaling, prophylaxis/polishing, and fluoride treatment) will be performed. Finally, we will present the results of this clinical and radiological examination by showing you the photos and X-rays taken during your visit. If necessary, we will propose different treatment options to allow you to make an informed decision. We will be happy to address all your questions and concerns.

After this initial consultation, it is recommended to schedule follow-up exams and cleanings at intervals of 6, 9, or 12 months depending on your oral health. These follow-up exams are shorter and include cleaning, targeted X-rays, and a clinical examination to ensure the long-term monitoring of your dental health. Our team provide you with top-notch dental care in Outremont, Montreal.

If you have dental insurance coverage, we strive to simplify your life by submitting the claim directly to your insurance company electronically at the end of your treatment. For this, we will need information about your insurance, including the name of your insurer, policy number, and identification. As soon as we receive confirmation of the amount your insurance commits to cover, we will ask you to simply pay the difference. However, it may happen that electronic transmission does not work or that we do not receive an automatic response from your insurance. In this case, you will need to pay the entire treatment fee upfront, but rest assured, we will provide you with a fully completed insurance form. You can then submit the claim to your insurance for the appropriate reimbursement. Our goal is to make the management of your dental insurance as smooth as possible.

During your first consultation, please fill out a form providing essential information about your health. Rest assured that this medical information will remain confidential. It is crucial to inform us of any changes to your health status at each subsequent visit.

Les Dentistes d’Outremont implements the strictest aseptic standards in the dental industry. The team is rigorously trained by dentists to ensure that all procedures meet the standards. Ultrasonic baths are used to detach microbial particles after pre-cleaning. STATIM sterilizers and the "B" Class AUTOCLAVE, known as one of the autoclaves offering the highest level of protection in terms of sterilization, are employed. Every month, biological tests are conducted in an independent laboratory to verify the effectiveness of each sterilizer, ensuring optimal protection against transmissible infections. The A-dec dental chairs used, as well as the cleaning and maintenance systems, provide effective solutions for a healthy and efficient environment for patients. ICX water line treatment tablets are also used for shock treatment of dental chair water lines, eliminating accumulations of microbial contamination and ensuring the best disinfection between each patient.

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Here is some postoperative advice for the various procedures. We hope that you’ll find it useful!

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Advice for gingival curetage


Advice for after a temporary dental filling


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