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Discover Les Dentistes d’Outremont: Your Prestigious Dental Destination in Montreal

Les Dentistes d’Outremont places the well-being of every patient at the core of their mission, with a precious commitment to providing personalized care and service, akin to what a family member would offer. After establishing their first clinic in Old Port Montreal, known as "Les Dentistes du Vieux-Port," they opened their second clinic in the prestigious Outremont neighborhood, named "Les Dentistes d’Outremont".

Dr. Julia Halfon and Dr. Damien Ohayon played a crucial role in shaping this project, ensuring that every detail was meticulously considered to welcome patients in a unique setting, helping them forget any apprehensions related to dental visits.

These two dental clinics embrace distinct themes. "Les Dentistes du Vieux-Port" highlight a relaxing and elegant ambiance, reminiscent of a spa with high ceilings, bay windows, and chandeliers.

In contrast, "Les Dentistes d’Outremont" focuses on a family and cultural atmosphere. You'll find a glass and natural stone library, spanning nearly eight meters, as well as a beautiful grand piano to make your waiting moments enjoyable.

Les Dentistes d’Outremont offer you a personalized and unique dental experience, with an unwavering commitment to the quality of their care, stemming from their expertise and in-depth knowledge. Their range of services encompasses both dental care and orthodontics, catering to both you and your children. Dr. Julia Halfon has dedicated herself to orthodontics alongside her dental practice, earning valuable qualifications to better serve her patients.

Our philosophy is to present you with various treatment options that best meet your needs, transparently considering your personal expectations. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic to provide exceptional dental care. Schedule an appointment now and discover an unparalleled dental experience.

Our services

  • Oral examination and cleaning: Comprehensive examination and cleaning, recall examination and cleaning, emergency examination, specific examination, cleaning, and oral pathology screening.
  • Operative Dentistry (cavity treatment)
  • Examination, cleaning, and oral hygiene instruction
  • Preventive dental sealants
  • Treatment of cavities with restorations or pediatric crowns
  • Dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • Tooth loss
  • Dental caries
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Precancerous and cancerous lesions
  • Complete and partial removable dentures
  • Fixed partial dentures (crowns and bridges)
  • Bruxism treatment (occlusal splint)
  • Occlusion adjustment
  • Inlays or onlays
  • Mouthguard
  • Simple tooth extraction
  • Surgical tooth extraction (with flap, odontectomy, and/or osteotomy)
  • Emergency care (dental pulpitis, dental abscess...)
  • Root canal treatment and retreatment
  • Reduction of periodontal pockets (conventional or flap technique)
  • Crown lengthening
  • Laser periodontics
  • Fibrotomy and frenectomy
  • Guided tissue regeneration and tissue regeneration
  • Orthodontic interceptive appliance (interception in children)
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances (conventional braces)
  • Orthodontics with aligners (Spark, Invisalign)
  • At-home whitening
  • Porcelain or composite veneers
  • Diastema closure
  • Aesthetic periodontal surgery
Montreal dental clinic
Outremont dentist
Montreal dentist
Outremont dental clinic
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Plateau Mont Royal dental clinic
Dental clinique Outremont
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Montreal dental clinic - dentist Julia halfon

Dr. Julia Halfon, a graduate of the Université de Montréal in 2012, dedicated her first six years of practice to obtaining orthodontic qualifications, aiming to provide high-quality and personalized dental care for each patient. Her journey led her from the Diplôme Universitaire d’Orthodontie in Dijon to training at the Centre Enseignement des Techniques Orthodontiques in Paris. She then earned a Diplôme Universitaire d’Orthodontie at the Salpêtrière Hospital, followed by training at the International Dental Institute in Montreal.

Her determination to excel knows no bounds, enabling her to offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments, including dento-facial orthopedics, conventional braces, and clear aligners suitable for both adults and children. In addition to her expertise in orthodontics, Dr. Julia Halfon practices general dentistry, with the well-being of each patient at the forefront of her care.

Originally from Outremont, she has always had a deep affection for this chic, family-friendly neighborhood, rich in life, nature, and culture. After three years of practice in Outremont, her dream came true: she opened her own dental clinic in this beautiful neighborhood. Her connection to the local community and commitment to the quality of care make her an exceptional choice for Outremont residents seeking top-notch dental care.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Julia Halfon to care for your smile and oral health, and experience prestigious dental care in Outremont.

Dre. Julia Halfon

Dentist Owner

Montreal dental clinic - dentist Damien ohayon

Dr. Damien Ohayon, a graduate of the Université Paris VII Garancière in 2010, began his career in France, where he even managed his own dental clinic before relocating to Quebec in 2016. He successfully had his degree recognized as a Dentist through the BNED (National Dental Examining Board of Canada).

The influence of his older brother, a dental laboratory technician, played a crucial role in shaping his path. From a young age, Dr. Ohayon carefully observed the precision with which his brother crafted dental prosthetics in the laboratory. This experience instilled in him an exceptional attention to detail in handling various dental materials and a deep understanding of different dental morphologies.

Dr. Ohayon is a dentist with exemplary precision, possessing an innate sense of detail, aesthetics, and perfection. These qualities are reflected not only in his dental work but also in the design of his dental clinics. Each space is meticulously crafted to offer cleanliness and elegance, with special attention to room layout and the quality of chosen materials, aiming to balance ergonomics and hygiene.

His philosophy focuses primarily on the importance of enabling patients to fully understand the therapeutic choices presented to them. With exceptional teaching skills and effective communication, Dr. Ohayon takes the necessary time to convey his knowledge in a simple and accessible manner, ensuring that patients are well-informed.

Schedule an appointment to benefit from his skills and expertise, and to understand each step of your treatment clearly and reassuringly.

Dr. Damien Ohayon

Dentist Owner


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